Story Shares Studio
Story Shares Studio

Experiences Create. Stories Tell. Messages Compel.

Imagine Your Message Always...

reveals the passion which is the driving force of what you do.

provides a clear statement and understanding that will guide others seeking answers.

reflects your unquestionable knowledge and expertise.

attracts and speaks to those with whom you most want to connect.

causes your audience to sit up, listen more closely and take action.

The result would be easy to envision.

People would want more - of you and what you can do for them.

The Reason Why

Hi, I'm Tassey Russo. I believe that if we are willing to look within ourselves to find what has helped to chart our personal and professional life we will find what has spurred us on to create and share with others what we most want to give - and they want to have!

Our personal stories are an essential ingredient in creating an authentic, valuable small business in 2020. Our stories are how we both distinguish ourselves and connect more deeply with our customers and clients, and to do so - and this is important - quickly and powerfully in what we know is a sea of competing messages inundating us wherever we go.

Unearth the stories of your life and you have the chance to change lives. But your stories can't imitate, can't be run-of-the-mill, can't leave people questioning. They must be authentic, honest and revealing. 

Stories shared from that place of honest reflection and, perhaps, even hard-earned awareness will move your listener, viewer or reader to experience a transformation and see new possibilities.

And again I must say, 

The Way to Do It - Be a Member

Here, right here in Story Shares Studio. 

We here are a community, a dynamic network, of small business owners working together to confidently and consistently discover, craft and deliver our unique stories so they transform our brand messaging in such a way that there is a more immediate connection to and memorable impact on our clients leading them to more often take action on what we offer. 

Story Shares Studio is a judgement free place to unearth and share the excitement of an idea or experience that leads to a great story which in turn can transform your messages, be they written or oral or visual, into undeniable and extraordinary envoys for you and your brand, for what you stand for and what you offer to the world.

Story Shares Study is such a place because it is a group of people who think and care about their work in the same way - to be thoughtful about what they do and the manner in which they help others. People who are ready to listen, discuss and collaborate openly and with the other member's interest, want and need foremost in mind while lending that helping hand.

Story Shares Study is a place where you are not on your own and where what may seem just ordinary or of interest to just you becomes so much more through the power of the community conscience, awareness and action.

And what is yours transforms and takes flight into the world!

Join Us and Receive Access To ...

Resources     Tools, apps, reviews, word lists, checklists, templates, etc. to help structuring, writing, editing, posting, etc. your stories, articles, marketing materials, etc.

Share and Learn     Weekly live sessions for sharing and teaching content, specific apps, skills, etc. 

Member Moments     Posts, articles, videos, recordings, etc. of moments, stories or experiences are shared for discussion, to receive feedback or simply to tell others.

Story Circle   Live weekly office hours to ask any question, get more specific help, receive immediate feedback. etc. 

Featured Members   Twice a month we ask members to step into the limelight and let other members get to know them better!

Expert Interviews and Live Learning Sessions   Monthly interviews and live, interactive learning sessions with experts in storytelling, photography, video, writing, marketing, etc. to help members enhance their brand messaging.

Theme Studio   Live monthly discussion focusing on one type of story delivery and covering pros/cons, how-to, tools, etc. for using it !

Better / Best Reflections   Members share what they did 'better' this week, why and how, or what was the best thing that happened to them during the week.

Open Mic Night   Monthly live Zoom video 'stage' event to share and practice your work in front of a live audience.

Need to Know!  When you need help, are looking for an answer or feedback, start a discussion and ask for input from other members.